Dale J. Hartwig
        District League Coordinator
        Office: 330-677-5219
        Office fax: 216-927-4802
        Email: djhneoatl@gmail.com

NEOTA-ATL League Sponsors: Facilities*: Towpath - Mayfield Village - La Tuchie - Lakewood * must have league logo & link on their website front page.


2012 NEOATL  in Microsoft Word

2012 NEOATL in PDF

Please review a required change in regards to the grievance procedure :

7.02C: The captains will decide all issues and act as referee in all disputes*.  If captains cannot agree; the match will continue under protest and a grievance may be filed: 3.03B(1) All complaints alleging a violation by an individual or
team during local league competition shall be filed in writing with the
Local or District League Coordinator or designee having jurisdiction The
complaint must be filed prior to the commencement of whichever occurs
first: (a) the involved team's next match in that flight, whether or not the
involved player participates or (b) within 24 hours after the end of the
local league season.
 When filing a grievance, a $25.00 fee must be submitted to the District Office (NEOTA). If the grievance is upheld, $15.00 would be refunded to the grieving person/team. If it is not upheld, no refund would be paid.
The captains involved will also be required to send a copy of the signed TennisLink match scorecard. The grievance form should be faxed to 216-927-4802, or emailed to the District League Coordinator. Captains please be sure to send copies of the grievance complaint form to: EACH OTHER & District League Coordinator. 

2012 Midwest

2012 National

Friend at Court: available from USTA

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