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Ratings for the 2014 league season- Are posted - - -   Please check the TennisLink site.

What is used for a 2013 year end rating? Find out here!

When and how do I get a SELF-RATING?

USTA Self Rate Process:

All appeals are now done online - that is for player with computer ratings and those with a self rating!

Changes were udpdate and made to self-rate questionnaire and process as of June 1, 2013.

1.) Players are now required to answer “yes” or “no” to every level of experience.
2.) When appealing the rating, the system will know if it’s an automated computer appeal or self-rate appeal.
3.) Automated appeal: choice will be up or down.
4.) Self-rate appeal up: player can choose their desired rating and it’s granted!
5.) Self-rate appeal down: appeal form will display.
6.) Language added to first screen, in red, notifying players and captains of possible penalties should they not answer honestly
7.) Added language to clarify some of the questions:
a.)Played high school in the last 15 years
b.)Tennis on Campus USTA program established in 2000

MIDWEST SECTION Self-rate appeal process.

The Self Rate Appeal approval/denial process for the USTA League program will now be handled at the section level as of September 1, 2011. This process will apply to all self rating appeals submitted on or after September 1, 2011. It applies to appeals that are submitted online.

Please note that the NEOTA district does not have approval/denial with regards to NTRP ratings in this self-rate appeal process.

The USTA/Midwest Section is committed to an objective, consistent and timely self rate appeal process to provide the best customer service to both our players and our districts.

All medical appeals must call the DLC prior to any documents being sent. Please call the league office 330-677-5219.

Important information for all team captains and team members: With the start of the 2008 league season - those ratings earned for play in any championship will not be appealable when the league season ratings are posted in November. This means that if your match that you have played is listed in the championship section of TennisLink; you will be affected. If you do participate in a match in the championship, you will earn a bench mark rating; thus will not be able to appeal your rating for one year. Any questions about this; please contact your level committee member.

What is used for a 2013 year end rating?

  1. Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over, Adult 55 & Over, Adult 65 Over and Tri-Level receive a year end rating if a player has played three times (defaults do not count)
  2. Types of ratings are: Computer (C ), Benchmark ( B, played at a district, State, Sectional or National Championship)
  3. If a player played only Mixed 18 & Over and/or Mixed 40 & Over, then they will receive a “Mixed Exclusive Rating” (M)
  4. If players played combo only, they will not receive a year end rating since combo does not limit their NTRP difference between partners.
  5. Midwest Section do not use tournaments results in Midwest ratings.


Not an Official USTA or NEOTA league Website about ratings is on the internet!

USTA Director of Competitive Tennis, David Schobel has issued this statement: “TLS Ratings are generally inaccurate and are not endorsed by the USTA. This is a private enterprise that does not produce accurate NTRP ratings since that don’t have the correct business rules used in our calculation. Their 100th of a point NTRP ratings are simply inaccurate.”

This website mentioned below is NOT sanctioned by the USTA or NEOTA. This has nothing to due with the USTA/Midwest/NEOTA League Program.

Do NOT believe what you see at this site!

Tennis League Stats (TLS) Ratings - USTA League Player Ratings Provided To The Hundredth Of A Point