Dale J. Hartwig
        District League Coordinator
        Office: 330-677-5219
        Office fax: 216-927-4802
        Email: djhneoatl@gmail.com

NEOTA-ATL League Sponsors: NEOTA - Facebook - Google+  -  - - - - -Facilities*: Towpath - Mayfield Village - La Tuchie - Lakewood * must have league logo & link on their website front page.


The league committee/administration would like to thank you for being your team leader and organizer. Please remember that you need to understand all the rules, regulations and policies of the league program in NEOTA. Thank you again for handling this responsibility as required by the USTA National League Rules.

Please check on the Resources page for all your information, documents, and forms that you might need for the league. You should also be using the USTA/TennisLink - your "My Page"! You can also find help at these locations: NTRP Level committee members , NEOTA League Captain Site, USTA's CAPTAINS CLUB

Captains: please be aware of all deadlines!


Captain/Representative Obligation:(click here for vera.us.com)

Needed for the League Obligation (all forms/rules available at our league website).

Please be sure to follow all the directions on the Obligation application home page.

You must select ALL teams for which you will be representing throughout the year - spring, summer or fall as you will only be able to complete this process once per calendar year.

Team number process and team fee payment policies:

After completing the registration process you will notice that your team choices are now listed on your vera.us.com home page along with your other information.

After you (the person who complete the obligation) have sent your team captain waiver form and team information sheet to your proper ntrp level committee member and they have verified it and your obligation results they will then enter your team number into the vera.us.com system (usually within 48 – 72 hours after your forms have been verified). Remember to use your log in name and password to view your teams number at: www.vera.us.com

You (the person who complete the obligation) will then see a team number listed after each of your team choices for use with your players registration on TennisLink.

Payment option for team fee is available online. Please click here to pay your team fee. Only online payment is accepted.*

Help videos for Online Alternative

Please contact your proper ntrp level committee member if you have a problem.

Grievance procedure: 3.03B(1)a  , contact your level committee member/coordinator for help and/or check the resource page.../Resources/Resources.htmlThe NEOATL is now only accepting PayPal Payment for the local grievance filing requirement. Please contact the DLC for directions to use this option.

National Legal Holiday* - No league matches played on this date (if legal holiday is on another day then this applies). Match maybe scheduled but are treated under floater rule (must be played on or prior to the holiday). *see Q&A

If any of your team mates do the online appeal; please understand that this is now being handled by the Midwest Section. The NEOTA-ATL has no control of self-rate appeals.

Captains - travel distance chart  Thanks to Vickie Medlar/Robbin Garcia for the distance chart and updates.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the match are correctly scheduled and you have a confirmed email from your opposing team captain.

Please be sure to communicate with the other captains in your subflights/flights. Please be sure to use email - that way you have electronic proof of your communications.

If your team participates in the league program, please contact a facility about hosting your team. Once you have a hosting facility, please remind them that by hosting your team;  the facility has now agreed to supply your team with courts throughout the entire league season. This means that if your team is scheduled for a home match that you and your team will have the courts available for match play at your hosting facility at the designated date and time.

Any questions about this; please contact your ntrp level committee member.

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*This is the option available for NEOTA and Midwest policy in regards to a captain meeting obligation. Small online meetings maybe provided in the future for training in the new web application. Personal help is always available from the level committee members.