The adult league program in NEOTA has been available to tennis players for past 35 plus years. Volunteer committee members are the people that are capable of handling your questions, concerns, problems and solutions especially for specific levels. These great individuals volunteer their time and energy in making the NEOTA league program what it is.

The league is looking for a few volunteers to become a Adult League Committee Member (LCM), please contact league chairperson or DLC.



The NEOTA-ATL offers many services/resources to our district league players, captains, and hosting organizational members.


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Time to start thinking about 2015 Seasons and Schedule TBA on TennisLink

2015 League NTRP rating available now. Vera.us.com now available for spring season, remember to choose all your teams for the whole year!.

New for Mixed in 2015. Based upon requests from players, captains, and facilities the Mixed will try another format of scheduling for the spring and summer league seasons. In 2013 & 2014 we tried two different formats, thus in 2014 we will try yet another that has been suggest to the league committee. Contact Tasha Mixon for details.

Spring Mixed League season will offer: Mixed 40 & Over levels 6.0 & 8.0 only. Mixed 18 & over levels 7.0 & 9.0 only.

Summer Mixed League season will offer: Mixed 18 & Over levels 6.0 & 8.0 only. Mixed 40 & Over levels 7.0 only.






Dale J. Hartwig
District League Coordinator
Office: 330-677-5219
Office fax: 216-927-4802
Skype: ATL NEOTA (during selected business hours)
Email: dhartwig@neohiotennis.com


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330-677-5219 League Office

Email: dhartwig@neohiotennis.com

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Anna Mack - - - 216-316-1881